Amanda Arredondo, Mason Bryant, Erika Duque, Hayley Fowler,
Barbara Horlander, Layla Luna, Kiran Sattar & Audrey Travis

January 15 – February 26, 2016

TRANSMISSION marks the final installment of an exhibition series which for five years has presented an annual curated selection of works by TCU’s MFA candidates at Fort Worth Contemporary Arts. Including painting, audio, sculpture and installation, this group show highlights new talent emerging on the Texas art scene.

Three of the artists - - Amanda Arredondo, Mason Bryan and Layla Luna - - will graduate this summer and are deep into preparation for their solo thesis exhibitions later this spring. The remaining five artists joined TCU in Fall 2015 embarking on the new three-year MFA program, and Transmission is their first exhibition on campus.

Amanda Arredondo reflects on autobiographical material and artifacts she has collected over time to create symbols and signs in her paintings that express personal history and belief. These signifiers help her to make sense of the present in the approach of the future.

Mason Bryant uses found objects, text and audio to create unusual archives that appropriate and recontextualize a range of information, from the banal to the exquisite. Often his work engages in the legacy of well-known artists such as Robert Morris and Eva Hess, offering a fresh consideration and response to past creative practices.

Focusing on the effects of nature on the human psyche, painter Erika Duque explores a range of American landscapes, from wild desert vistas to controlled, microcosmic plant worlds. As a starting point she selects imagery collected through her own photography, drawing and 3D model-making, as well as internet image searches, but then allows imagination or intuition to dictate the form and finish of her paintings.

Hayley Fowler’s work is autobiographical in nature and consistently involves use of overlooked materials or everyday actions to question and reflect on her place as a woman in a contemporary culture that places standards and expectations upon on her. For Transmission, Fowler explores a simple repetitive act - - making and patching holes in the gallery wall over a period of time - - to magnify and record her behavior.

Working across a range of media, Barbara Horlander investigates universal concerns such as anxiety, insecurity and self-loathing that are often ignored for fear of making oneself vulnerable or risking emotional rejection from others. She is currently exploring these feelings in the context of female competition as related to personal achievement and physical beauty.

Repeating a process of layering paint, drawing and collage, and then removing imagery, Layla Luna attempts to understand the mechanisms of history and memory that play out when ascribing value to particular spaces. Concentrating on display cases and antique urns, she examines the life force of these containers that have the ability to transform and classify the significance of a selected object.

A recent arrival in Texas, Kiran Sattar’s new work reflects on her experiences of culture shock, isolation, alienation, and efforts to navigate a new life lived 6 hours behind her old life in England. In an installation using symbolic blue thread, she seeks to make tangible the hours and miles she frequently counts that separates her from family and friends.

Audrey Travis is interested in the transmutation of dirt and plastic and through an installation of paintings and objects she presents an enticing illusion of weight and permanence that obscures the boundaries between elemental and man-made forces.

Don’t miss an opportunity to meet our graduate students and find out more about their work during these artist talks which are free and open to the public:

January 30st, 2pm
- Amanda Arredondo
- Mason Bryant
- Erika Duque
- Hayley Fowler

February 20th, 2pm
- Barbara Horlander
- Layla Luna
- Kiran Sattar
- Audrey Travis

Left to right: Hayley Fowler, from the series "Thread Leftovers." Audrey Travis, detail of untitled form. Erika Duque, from the series "Inside Outside.


Fort Worth Contemporary Artsis located at 2900 W. Berry St. on the edge of the TCU Campus, Fort Worth, TX 76109. Gallery Hours are Wednesday to Saturday, 12 – 5 pm,
and by appointment. Admission is free.

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