Dramedy_LogoWorks pictured byTala Madani and Folkert De Jong


March 29 - May 10, 2014

Dramedy brings together the work of twelve artists whose practices reflect the use of comic or caricature-like forms in painting, drawing, sculpture, collage, video, and photography. Theatric, comedic, and dramatic narratives are played out in this exhibition, where depicted figures take on the role of actors in darkly-humorous scenarios.

Works of autobiography, inner-dialogue and daydream musings are presented by Michael Bise, Robert Jessup, Amy Sillman and Laurie Simmons in pieces that range in style from traditional comic strip narration to barely-figurative abstraction. Lawrence Lee and Tala Madani’s works are at once whimsical expressions while simultaneously working as critiques of cultural stereotypes and gender roles.

To say that some of these artists revel in the absurd or grotesque is putting it both simply and mildly. Trenton Doyle Hancock, Kirk Hayes, Folkert De Jong, Jon Pylypchuk, Dana Schutz and Allison Schulnik use imagery that is as likely to repel as it is to attract. Of course no one of these artists fit neatly into one camp; what is certain in their commonality is the strength of narrative, play, and a bizzare sense of humor that drives their pursuits.